‘If You’re Clemson, Whose in Portal Better Than What You’re Playing With’

The great debate. Should Clemson start dipping into the transfer portal.

It’s a topic that has been beaten to death in recent weeks. While Dabo Swinney has maintained on multiple occasions throughout the past couple of years that he is open to the idea of using the portal to fill specific needs, some will refuse to believe it until they see it.

Fans see Ohio State beating Clemson with transfer players like Justin Fields and Trey Sermon, or LSU with Joe Burrow, and wonder, why not Clemson? Well, Clemson has not really had the need for a starting quarterback or running back, but I digress.

Last week on Early Signing Day, the subject was once again broached by ESPN analysts. The ACC Network’s own Roddy Jones said Swinney is going to have to evolve.

“Obviously, filling the spots on the coaching staff, a coaching staff that’s had so much continuity, is going to be a massive challenge. But evolving is going to be a bigger challenge. He’s going to have to start to embrace the portal a little bit more, in my opinion.”

Despite the narrative the Swinney is against using the portal, there have been multiple reports in recent days that the Tigers just tried to bring a transfer OL from Virginia. Now there is some chatter about a transfer OL from Cornell. This comes after multiple members in the Clemson media suggested the Tigers looked into bringing in an extra body at quarterback after last spring.

ESPN recruiting analyst Tom Luginbill, in response to Jones’ suggestion that Swinney needs to evolve, seems to have a better grasp of the Clemson program, and how the Tigers should go about using the portal.

“Let’s talk about the portal for what it is,” Luginbill said. “It’s an opportunity to improve your roster, right. Well, if you’re a Clemson and you have the talent and the depth that they have built over the last decade, if you’re an Alabama, if you’re a Georgia, who’s in the transfer portal that’s better than what you’re playing with?”

“It’s not as if Clemson’s just going to go jump into the transfer portal and there’s going to be 20 guys in there that are all better than who he has on his two- and three-deep right now. It could be supplemented.”

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