Clemson Football: Professor CT Junkie’s Prognostications Week 13, The End is Near

Clemson Football: Professor CT Junkie’s Prognostications Week 13,  The End is Near

Well, looking back, it’s been a really long, exhausting season here on campus. It’s quiet here as most students have done their Turkey Exodus and the Professor loves to take a stroll through the quiet, cold morning air. It’s refreshing.

This week thirteen is, in most places, rivalry week. Those highly charged games where often anything can happen. Before we get started, the Professor would like to wish everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy you time with family and friends. Now, on to this week’s Flunkies.

No. 20 NC State vs. North Carolina

This is a domino game. NC State has to win this game against arch rival UNC. Mack Brown and his rams will pull out all the stops to derail this Wolfpack train. Dave Doeren will try to keep his boy’s motivated headed in. One must admit, his team has looked good in spite of his ignorance.

It might come down to a chess match between offenses. Sam Howell vs. Devon Leary. Both possess a plethora of receivers and running backs so offense should be considered a draw. The Wolfpack’s defense might be the difference between a win or a loss but we can all hope for the best and the Professor’s favorite Flunkie will be, NC State.

No. 10 Oklahoma vs. No. 7 Oklahoma State.

This game is always a battle. It’s called Bedlam for a reason. Oklahoma has been somewhat unimpressive. Oklahoma State has been on a roll. So much so, they go into this contest the higher ranked team

While rankings have little to do with the ultimate outcome of the games, one has to surmise that the CFB Playoff committee has looked at the bodies of work of each team and rationalized that the Cowboys are the better team. That’s good enough for the Professor. CT’s Flunkie in this one, Oklahoma.

No. 3 Alabama vs. Auburn

Nick Saban’s No. 3 Red Elephants are into a late season crescendo and are literally steamrolling opponents. They are mighty impressive. The Auburn Tigers, well they aren’t.

After getting beaten by the perineal SEC doormat Clucksters, this is a broken team. The Professor understands, like most rivalry games, nothing is certain, but in the prognosticating business one must heed to the obvious. The Professor’s Flunkie, in a runaway, Auburn.

Penn State vs. No. 12 Michigan State

Penn State, like a few once great, highly ranked teams, must feel deflated after all the preseason attention and praise. They have not lived up to the Nittany Lion fan’s expectations. However, in Happy Valley, anything can happen.

Michigan State has had a surprisingly good year and they hope to finish on a high note. While technically not a rivalry, the timing of this game and the implications with the B1G Championship, there are going to be strong emotions in this one. The Professor often goes with the home team in a toss-up but this ain’t no toss-up. The Professor’s Flunkie, Penn State.

No.15 Texas A&M vs. LSU

Jimbo Fisher had high hopes for his Aggies this season but he learned a valuable lesson, “don’t put all you eggs in one basket.” You see, he put everything into beating Alabama and they did. They’ve been on a upset high and it still continues. Strange phenomenon, emotions.

The good news for the Aggies, they’re facing a toothless bunch of LSU Tigers this weekend. Coach Ed Ogeron is on the last lap of his farewell tour and the Professor is a little misty eyed. There are just those few in college football that add color to the game. Of course, Dabo Swinney, Mike Leach and Ed Ogeron all are great ambassadors for the sport.

All that sappy drivel aside, the Professor sees a rough night for the toothless Tigers. The Flunkie in this one, LSU.

No. 17 Pittsburgh vs. Syracuse

Dino Babers is a class act and great coach but unfortunately, his Orange haven’t had the most memorable of seasons. Pat Narduzzi, is the antithesis of Babers, he’s classless and is bathed in hubris. Karma looms around the corner.

On paper, like a lot of games, this looks like the outcome is fairly straightforward but don’t forget the “hot house,” the Carrier Dome. It’s the Orange’s secret weapon. The Professor suspects, it will prove as an equalizer. The Professor’s Flunkie, in an upset, Pittsburgh.

No. 18 Wake Forest vs. Boston College

Most folks in the ACC rarely have the heart or desire to pull against Wake Forest. They’re like everybody’s little brother. However, that little boy has grown up and fast. After last weekend’s difficult loss to Clemson, this team is reeling.

This weekend, Boston College has ordered up, from the weather Gods, a typical late fall night, cold, frosty Nor’easter. This bodes well for the hearty Eagles. This is a clear advantage, one that can never be underestimated.

Coach Jeff Hafley has his Eagles in a great position, the Professor and all the Clemson Tiger faithful everywhere have become momentary Boston College supporters. That might be enough. The Professor’s Flunkie, in a kind of upset, Wake Forest.

No. 2 Ohio State vs. No. 5 Michigan

This is the premier B1G matchup of the season. Seriously, this is a toss up game. Like always, the Professor always goes with geography. Both coaches, among the most annoying in all of college football, should have their teams ready.

There’s not much to talk about regarding the game. The Professor believes all the talk will be done on the field. CT’s Flunkie, in a knock-down, drag-out, Ohio State.

No. 23 Clemson vs. South Carolina

This particular rivalry bares great importance to the Professor and most of the population of South Carolina all anxiously await the the start of this battle. It should be a great game in Columbia on Saturday night.

The Clucksters are standing firm in their belief, they can win. The Tigers are playing better and hopefully will feel the same. The Professor has to think with Dabo Swinney behind the wheel of the ROY bus, anything can happen. The Professor’s forever Flunkie, South Carolina.

Well, the Professor has enjoyed each and every week sharing his Prognostications with each of you. I hope it’s been enjoyable for you not so much from insight but rather the humor. When the world deals you a bad hand, just laugh. So, as the Professor heads back to his little trailer down by the river, he’s laughing all the way. Enjoy the food, enjoy the games and of most importance, may your team never again be a Flunkie!

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