Clemson Football: Sunday Armchair Perspective, A Walk With Faith

Faith is the undaunted belief in that which we can’t see but yet, know it’s there. That was until yesterday.

Some Clemson family have been faithful. They’ve ignored the loud naysayers while getting bombarded with insults and claims of being blind, brainwashed just by exercising their belief, their faith in their team.

We owe these precious few, a tip of our hat and our acknowledgement they were right, at least yesterday. Based on previous examples otherwise, their belief in their team never wavered, more importantly, this team never lost their faith in themselves.

Looking at the game against a supposed greater foe, these young men and coaches met the challenge. Wake Forest, despite records, was the inferior team. When judged against the other eleven games, this effort was tremendous even stupendous.

As I sit here, in the comfort of my armchair, I can only think of one area that was concerning, turnovers. However, unlike in previous games, those turnovers didn’t derail the Tigers. In the most complete game of the season, this team played complimentary football. Finally, defense and offense, laying as one. It was a sight to behold, a joy to watch.

I now can truly say, with faith and belief, this team will travel south to play their arch rival, the Gamecocks and leave victorious with the Palmetto Trophy in hand. Sure, it won’t be easy, nothing this about this season has been, but yesterday they showed themselves and the world, when they subsist on faith, there is nothing they cannot accomplish.

This team, devoid of much glory, proved they are deserved of at least our belief in them after Saturday’s game. If this prideful bunch plays with the same amount of newly found motivation, nothing and certainly not the Gamecocks, can stop them. So, as this next week unfolds, I’m walking in faith. I’m believing. Hopefully the team I watched yesterday, will take the bus ride to Columbia and wins. It’s a great feeling, hope in the future of this team. It’s what we’ve all been wanting.

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