Tony Buzbee Unhappy With NFL Over Investigation Into Deshaun Watson

Tony Buzbee is not happy with the NFL.

The attorney representing the 22 women that have filed civil suits against Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson appeared to be frustrated with the lack of progress in the leagues investigation after the NFL announced on Tuesday that it will not yet put the former Clemson quarterback on paid leave or restrict his duties in any way.

“To suggest the NFL hasn’t got enough information or has not been provided access, that’s just demonstrably false,” Buzbee told Mark Berman of FOX 26 in Houston. “I think if you ask the NFL directly they would have to admit that.”

Unlike the attorney’s, the NFL doesn’t have any subpoena power they can use to leverage any potential witnesses into talking. Not to mention, the judicial process is moving at a snails pace as well, seeing as depositions are not set to start until February of next year.

“I don’t control the corroborating witnesses,” Buzbee said. “Maybe they reached out to witnesses who do not want to cooperate. I don’t know. Obviously, the NFL has no subpoena power and everybody’s doing this voluntarily. I don’t know who the sources are or what they’re saying, but I do know my staff has spent many, many, many hours voluntarily, because the NFL asked us to, and these women have went out of their way to provide information.”

Buzbee then went onto say he doesn’t much care about the playing status of the star quarterback. Although, if that’s the case, why worry at all about the NFL investigation?

“My question would be how many times do you need to hear the same thing over and over until you draw a conclusion? That’s my problem with this whole thing and I don’t [care] if Deshaun Watson plays or not. That’s not my issue. That has nothing to do with this case.”

“It seems like most people are spending their time guessing whether Watson will play and with whom he will play and ignore the big elephant in the room, which is what about the 22, 25, 26, whatever the number is women, who had contact with him who are making some incredibly serious allegations?”

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