NFL Releases Statement on Deshaun Watson Situation After News of Criminal Complaints

Earlier in the week, Rusty Hardin, the attorney defending Deshaun Watson against sexual misconduct allegations, disclosed that ten women have filed criminal complaints against the Texans quarterback.

While eight of those women are among the 22 to have previously filed civil claims against the former Clemson standout, two of the women currently have no ties to that suit.

“There are 10 women that have made complaints to the (Houston) police,” Hardin told ESPN. “There are a couple of women who we don’t know anything about. We’re fully cooperating with the police. We’re fully cooperating with the district attorney’s office and, when the criminal investigation is over, we’ll fully cooperate with the NFL.”

Amidst that news, along with Watson reporting to Texans training camp to avoid hefty fines, the NFL also released a statement.

“The NFL’s review of the serious allegations against Deshaun Watson remains ongoing and active. We are working cooperatively with the Houston Police Department and ensuring that the NFL’s inquiry does not interfere with their investigation. As we continue to gather additional information and monitor law enforcement developments, we will make appropriate decisions consistent with the Collective Bargaining Agreement and the Personal Conduct Policy. At this time, there are no restrictions on Watson’s participation in club activities.”

Watson had requested a trade from the Texans just before news of the first allegation broke. By all accounts, the accusations brought any trade talks to a screeching halt. However, Hardin seemed to suggest there are multiple teams out there willing to deal now.

“Teams are ready to jump now if the Texans would trade with them, even while all this is pending,” Hardin said. “There’s no question that teams, numerous teams, are still interested. The ball is in the Texans’ court.”

With depositions not scheduled to take place before February of 2022, Watson’s immediate future remains in limbo. Although, there is always the possibility the cases could be settled, but according to Hardin, any settlement would have to be made public.

“I do not want anybody to be saying that this guy paid off women to stay quiet and so, if there ever was a settlement of any kind, it would have to be public and therefore both sides, (Watson) and the women, would be able to say to the world at large whatever they wanted.”

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