ACC Network Provides Revenue Boost for Conference in 2020, Sizeable Gap Remains

The ACC Network didn’t really help close the revenue gap for the conference with the rest of the Power-5.

The conference launched the ACC Network last August and while revenues did increase for each of the league’s member schools, the ACC still brings up the rear when it comes to the Power-5.

2020 Revenue Shares

  • SEC (N/A: Fiscal Year ends in July)
  • B1G $768.9M
  • Pac 12 $533.8M
  • ACC $497M
  • Big 12 $409M (Divided among only 10 schools and does not include money from 3rd party rights which will increase number drastically)

The new network increased revenue for the ACC by about $40M to nearly $497M. The increased payouts ranged from $30.9 million to $37 million, plus $10.8 million to Notre Dame. And that comes in a year in which there was no NCAA basketball tournament.

In the 2019 fiscal year the ACC reported $455.4 million (payouts from $27.6 million to $34 million across 14 schools. This included $6.8 million that was paid to Notre Dame as well.

While ACC schools are seeing a big bump when it comes to revenue, at the end of the day the new network hasn’t really narrowed the gap when it comes to what the other Power-5 conference’s are bringing in.

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