Jackson Carman Isn’t Interested in Being Boxed Into One Position

Don’t tell Jackson Carman that he is destined to play on the inside at the NFL level.

Carman, a former five-star recruit out of Ohio, has been the starting left tackle for Clemson for the past two seasons, but many analysts have him pegged to move inside to guard once he gets to the NFL level.

However, according to Carman himself, there are plenty of teams that have interest in him at tackle.

There is no doubt that Carman has the athleticism and talent to play tackle in the NFL, not to mention that wingspan. However, what will probably determine where he plays will be his weight.

Carman weighed in at 322 at his pro day two weeks ago and at 6-foot-5, that would be ideal for an NFL tackle. Last season at Clemson he was 333 pounds at the Tigers official weigh-in heading into fall camp, which more closely resembles the weight an interior linemen might carry.

Where Carman ends up will largely depend on whether he can keep his weight closer that what it is at the moment, something Carman has struggled with in the past. It is quite clear that he prefers playing outside so he has plenty of motivation.

Either way, Carman has the potential to be one of the steals of the upcoming draft, especially if he can have success on the outside at tackle. At the same time, he certainly has the talent to make it at guard, we well, and it’s quite likely the former Clemson offensive linemen goes on to have quite the productive career in the NFL, no matter which position he eventually plays.

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