Dabo Swinney on NFL Opportunites: ‘Never Say Never to Anything’

Dabo Swinney is the epitome of what a college football coach should be.

Although, experiencing so much success at Clemson over the years has caused some to speculate on whether Swinney would ever test the NFL waters. In fact, his name has been linked to multiple openings over the years.

As a guest on the Keyshawn, JWill and Zubin Show recently, Swinney was asked about having his name linked to openings at Houston and Jacksonville over the offseason and whether or not the NFL is something that he realistically thinks about.

“I’ve said many times over the years, you never say never to anything, “Swinney said. “But I love what I do, I love where I am. I didn’t have any conversation with either of those teams.”

“I’ve had opportunities with other teams over the past few years, real opportunities. But it has just not been the right thing for me. I just go by what the good Lord calls me to do. If that is something that comes down the road, you cross that bridge when it is.”

Swinney has always maintained that he is extremely happy where he is currently, and why wouldn’t he be? He has transformed Clemson football program into one of the nation’s premier programs, winning two national titles in the past five years and appearing the College Football Playoff six consecutive seasons.

However, even Swinney says no one knows what the future may hold.

“As I have said many times when I get asked the question, I just say never say never,” Swinney said. “Because who knows what’s going to come down the road. I think you always have to process those things in real-time.”

In typical Swinney fashion, the Clemson head coach said he is only worried with the here and now.

“I just try to be great where my feet are, day in and day out,” Swinney said. “That’s really been my only focus.”

It is hard to imagine Swinney roaming the sidelines for any team not named Clemson. It is plainly obvious how much he loves his job, and everything that comes along with it.

“I love where I am, I love what I do,” Swinney said. “I love being in Clemson. I love my community here. I love these players. I’ve been here a long time. I am getting ready to start my 19th season here at Clemson, my 13th as the head coach. It’s been an awesome, awesome journey.”

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  1. Nobody will love you more than we do Dabo Swinney! Your feet need to stay planted in Clemson!

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