NFL Analyst on Trevor Lawrence: ‘Turnovers Are The Flaw’

Just over a month from now Trevor Lawrence is going to be the top pick in the NFL Draft.

The former Clemson quarterback was considered a can’t miss prospect even before taking his first collegiate snap. Lawrence was the top player in the country coming out of high school as part of the 2018 class and is the sixth highest ranked recruit of all-time per 247 Sports.

However, there are no perfect prospects, especially at quarterback, and on the Monday edition of the ESPN morning show Get Up, NFL analyst Matt Miller weighed in on what he saw as flaws in Lawrence’s game.

“Five interceptions in his last six games,” Miller said. “Turnovers are the flaw here. We saw it in the College Football Playoff game against Ohio State. He was trying to make too much happen, holding onto the ball in the pocket. We saw some fumbles.”

Miller went onto to talk about another area he thinks the quarterback needs to improve in.

“Trevor Lawrence, sometimes underneath coverage gives him a bit of a problem,” Miller said. “He’s got to see it better and cut down on some of these turnovers that we did see in college football.”

Throughout his three-year career at Clemson Lawrence threw just 17 interceptions in 45 games. Factor in the 90 touchdown passes and that is a 5-to-1 touchdown-interception ratio.

Lawrence is coming off of surgery on his non-throwing shoulder. While that might seem like a bigger concern than his 17 career interceptions, recent reports suggest the quarterback is already back to throwing and it’s widely assumed he will be ready to go when training camp opens.

Miller would go on to say that he thought Lawrence was the best player available in the draft.

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