Clemson Recruiting Could Get Shot in the Arm Soon

The college football recruiting dead period could end in June and that would be great for the Tigers recruiting.

According to a report from CBS Sports the NCAA will be announcing this week that they are ending the recruiting dead period as of June 1. If that is the case then Clemson’s coaching staff will surely be happy. Especially, since they have always relied heavily on getting recruits on campus when recruiting.

What that means exactly has yet to be determined. Two options are currently being considered. One is having every sport return to its normal recruiting calendar as of June 1 and the second is phasing into a “modified quite period.” Under a quiet period, schools can host recruits on campus.

Yes, the relationships built between the staff and the recruits are a big part of the process but there has always been something about getting recruits on campus that has really helped to sell prospects on whether or not they want to attend Clemson to play football.

Head coach Dabo Swinney has even made mention in the past of how important it has been to be able to meet with the recruits and get them on campus. One of the biggest tools the Tigers have used over the years has been their “All In” cookout which they were not able to have last summer due to the dead period that has lasted almost 15 months.

This would be a huge shot in the arm if the NCAA does announce that news this week. The Tigers have taken a slow approach when it comes to the 2022 class and this would be a huge step towards normalcy.

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