CJ Spiller: Clemson Brand ‘Amongst Best Out There’

CJ Spiller is back at his alma mater and looking to pass an entire career’s worth of knowledge onto the next generation of young running backs at Clemson.

A lot has changed at the school since Spiller was a player. When asked about some of those changes, Clemson’s new running backs coach was quick to point out exactly what most fans have known for several years.

“I would say the difference is when I was playing, you know, we were trying to get guys here,” Spiller said. “You don’t want to toot your own horn but our brand is amongst the best out there. So guys want to come here and see what makes this place special. You know, you can see it on TV but once you step on campus it takes it to a whole different level.”

Spiller also pointed out that what has transpired at Clemson over the years is the vision Dabo Swinney had for the school when he took over as head coach more than a decade ago.

“So, I would say that was the difference and now it’s just our brand is out there,” Spiller said. “That’s what we wanted. That’s the vision that Coach had for our program. To put us as the beacon, the light in the discussion of college football. You want people to know what you do. but you know, at the same time it’s going to take a lot of hard work and a lot of sacrifice.”

The former Clemson standout knows there is a lot of hard work that goes into being a coach at the collegiate level, but that he’s ready for the challenge.

“You are going to take some bumps and bruises along the way, but you’ve just got to be consistent,” Spiller said. “I think that’s kind of where our program has been. Very consistent over the years and that takes your program to a different level.”

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