Deshaun Watson Begins Battle to Clear Name

The battle to clear his name is about to begin for Deshaun Watson.

Rusty Hardin, Watson’s attorney, said that a response to the numerous accusations against the star quarterback will come next week.

According to TMZ, Watson used Instagram to find massage therapists because his usual therapist became unavailable during the pandemic.

While this does not shed any light on, or prove whether or not Watson committed any of the offenses he’s accused of, it appears that Hardin plans to use it to explain the why he deliberately used Instagram to seek out massages from out-of-town therapists.

Watson denied any wrongdoing after the first allegation but has not made any statements since.

The question now becomes just how badly his reputation been affected. Outside of Clemson, anyways.

Watson left Clemson as a favorite amongst the fan base and has not shown the first kink in his character up to this point.

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