Former Clemson Assistant Calls Travis Etienne One of the Best He’s Ever Been Around

“One of the best players I’ve ever been around.”

That’s what USF head coach Jeff Scott says about running back Travis Etienne. And if anyone would know the greatness of the former Clemson running back, it’s his former offensive coordinator.

Etienne has been on the receiving end of plenty of high praise since last week when the running back showed up and showed out at the annual Clemson Pro Day.

The multiple time ACC Player of the Year and Clemson’s all-time leading rusher showed up looking as good as he ever has, weighing 215 pounds, yet still turning in a 4.40 forty time. He passed every test with flying colors.

Now that he is heading off to the NFL, coaches are starting to compare him to some of the best at his position. One of the more popular comparisons has been the versatile Alvin Kamara.

However, the current USF head coach went a different route, comparing Etienne to one of the games most legendary players.

“He reminds me of a bigger Barry Sanders,” Scott said to the Tampa Bay Times. “If you go watch Travis, nobody tackles him the first time. If he’s out in open space, even if guys get a chance to go down and hit him, he just bounces off.”

Scott fully believes that Etienne has what it takes to have a long, successful careeer, maybe even become one of the best to ever play at the NFL level. And he’s hoping the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are paying attention.

“I meant what I put in that tweet,” Scott said. “If he stays healthy, my personal opinion, I believe he’ll be an All-Pro at the NFL level.”

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