Deshaun Watson Move to Panthers Looking More Realistic With Each Passing Day

It is starting to appear as if it will be the Panthers or nobody when it comes to acquiring Deshaun Watson.

While several teams would love to land the franchise quarterback, very few actually have the draft capital and cap space to pull it off. The Panthers are definitely a team that fits that criteria.

ESPN NFL insider Jeremy Fowler has been monitoring this situation very closely and has been on top of the latest information surrounding the Watson and Texans soap opera.

“The Panthers are inclined to big-game hunt for Deshaun Watson, if he’s available,” Fowler tweeted.

“I’m told they still like Bridgewater than say most free agents available,” Fowler also said Sunday on ESPN. “So they’ll look hard at the draft, No. 8 overall potentially drafting a guy. They’ll monitor the Watson situation and see if he’s available and they’ll hold onto Bridgewater at least for the short term and just see what their options are.”

To add to the drama John McClain of the Houston Chronicle has now totally changed his stance on the Watson trade possibility. Back on January 7 he made it clear that he felt there was no chance Watson would be traded.

“I’ve got a better chance of becoming the Texans’ new head coach than Deshaun Watson has of being traded,” McClain said.

Now, McClain has changed his stance and has tweeted that he expects him to be traded. And McClain is one of the better sources for information in the league.

“The Texans haven’t said they’re not trading Watson since January. I expect him to be traded,” McClain stated.

McClain‘s total change in stance comes just a day after the Texans signed quarterback Tyrod Taylor to a one year deal reportedly worth upwards to $12.5 million.

Add in the fact that Houston attorney Tony Buzbee has filed two lawsuits against Watson accusing him of sexual misconduct, and says more cases will be filed, and this saga now has more twists and turns than all of the rides at Carowinds combined.

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