Texans Continue to Make Moves That Push Deshaun Watson Further Away

As the old saying goes, actions speak louder than words.

The Texans keep insisting they want to hold onto their star quarterback. Any teams that have called to express interest in acquiring Deshaun Watson have reportedly been told in no uncertain terms that the organization has no plans to move the disgruntled franchise quarterback.

Watson has officially asked to be traded. After being told by management that he would have input on the hiring of the teams next head coach and general manager, the Texans made those hires without as much of a phone call to the former Clemson quarterback.

It would only make sense that if the Texans were really intent on keeping Watson in the fold they would start trying to make amends. However, it would seem that management is taking the opposite approach.

The Texans have continued to make sweeping changes throughout the organization. Just in the last week, director of football administration Kevin Krajcovic and longtime employee Doug West have been fired. Equipment manager Mike Parson and his entire staff were also dismissed.

Parson and Watson reportedly had a close relationship and the latest changes seem to have rubbed many players the wrong way. ESPN has reported that one player says the team is cleaning house of employees hired by the former administration and replacing them with “employees who will be indebted to them for their work.”

The saga has started to take on a life of its own in recent weeks and might possibly be the NFL’s biggest story currently despite the Super Bowl being played this weekend.

If the Texans have any shot at making things right with Watson, the time to start is now. The last thing that team wants to do is attempt to force the hand of their franchise quarterback. They may not like the results.

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