Josh Heupel to Tennessee Leaves UCF With Vacancy to Fill

Offensive coordinator Tony Elliott not being named Tennessee head coach helped many Clemson fans breathe a sigh of relief on Wednesday morning.

Can they truly feel comfortable, though? Now that the Volunteers have hired Josh Heupel to be their head coach that leaves another team with a vacancy to fill.

That’s right, UCF is now looking to replace Heupel, so don’t start celebrating just yet Tiger fans. Not saying that Elliott will be a candidate, but after all of the interest that’s been shown so far this offseason, his name will probably come up during this search too. It did come up the last time UCF was looking for a head coach.

Elliott has been linked to two offensive coordinator vacancies in the NFL as well as a few college openings this off-season. Most recently with the Tennessee job that was filled on Wednesday morning.

So, Clemson fans now will turn their attention to Central Florida as the coaching carousel continues to turn and wait to see if the coaching staff that had shown more continuity than most will lose another coordinator to a school in Florida.

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