Ryan Day Promises Players A Win In College Football Playoff

To say that there is very little to no love loss between Clemson and Ohio State would be an understatement and Ohio State head coach Ryan Day added fuel to that fire Saturday.

it came in a speech meant for his players only. Locker room speeches usually are meant to stay in the locker room but that doesn’t always happen. An unknown person in the room posted a video of Day’s speech after their win over Northwestern to social media, and it was interesting to say the least

“I’m just telling you right now,” Day said. “You give us one game against Clemson, against Bama, or against Notre Dame, we’re gonna [expletive] beat their a_ _… I promise you.”

**** Explicit language contained in video****

The Buckeyes and Tigers are scheduled to play in the Sugar bowl at 8pm on New Year’s Day. Many will remember that a win was guaranteed by Notre Dame’s starting quarterback Ian Book before the Tigers dismantled them in the ACC championship game as well.

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