Orange Britches To Make Season Debut In Blacksburg

It’s that time of the year. When everything is on the line.

The Tigers will break out the infamous Orange Britches for this weekends primetime matchup with Virginia Tech in Blacksburg.

While there technically isn’t a division championship on the line this weekend, a spot in the ACC title game is.

“We will have on our orange britches that we always wear when we are playing for a championship or a chance to play for a championship,” running back Darien Rencher said on The Packer and Durham Show Thursday morning.

Since 1999 Clemson is 28-17 wearing the white top, orange bottoms combination.

Courtesy of @ClemsonUniforms

Since Danny Ford broke them out for the first time way back in 1980, the Orange Britches have special meaning for this Clemson football program. The players love them, the fans love them. When you see them you know something tangible is on the line. And this weekend that is punching their ticket to Charlotte for the sixth straight season.

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