Former Clemson Sharpshooter Terrence Oglesby Releases ACC Preview ‘Let It Fly With TO’

Many Tiger fans will remember Terrence Oglesby as one of the best three point shooters to ever wear a Clemson jersey, but he is more than that. Oglesby, after leaving the Tigers following the 2009 season, played with several European teams over his professional basketball career.

He has also coached at Clemson and Carson-Newman. During Oglesby’s two seasons on the coaching staff at Clemson under head coach Brad Brownell, he was a part of assisting the Tigers in making a trip to the Sweet 16 in 2018. This was Clemson’s first trip there in 21 years. He was also a member of the coaching staff during the Tigers most recent NIT appearance. Oglesby has done some announcing for the Clemson radio network as well.

This former Tiger star is now putting his vast knowledge of basketball to work in his LIVE version of “Let It Fly” on Thursday evenings at 7pm on Facebook and Twitter. We here at the site highly recommend it.

We also recommend purchasing his new ACC Basketball Preview out this season called Let It Fly With TO. If you are a ACC hoops fan, it’s a must read. Especially if you are a Clemson fan. His show and magazine give fans of college hoops a look around the country, with an emphasis on the ACC and the Tigers.

“This upcoming season is one that is met with a lot of positive anticipation for the Tigers, and the rest of the ACC,” Oglesby told “This ACC Breakdown will give you all the information you need going into the year, and won’t let you down. You get the “Deep 3 Stats to Know” for each team. As a former Clemson player and coach, I try to give readers a product that is both informative and easy to read!”

Anyone interested in checking out “Let It Fly With TO” just click here. And if you use the coupon code clemsonjunkies you will receive 10% off of any purchase!

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