Paul Finebaum: ‘Trevor Lawrence Is Not Staying At Clemson’

All the buzz since Tuesday has been more about Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence’s comments than about Boston College. Lawrence was asked whether he was certain that he would enter the NFL Draft after this season and he didn’t rule out returning to Clemson.

“My mindset has been that I’m going to move on,” Lawrence said. “But who knows, there’s a lot of things that could happen.”

The comments have sent the national media into a frenzy, all of which have an opinion on what the junior quarterback should do. One in particular was Paul Finebaum, who says he isn’t putting much stock into the comments.

“I don’t think anything has changed,” Finebaum said Wednesday morning on First Take. “I think Trevor Lawrence is having a good time in college, and he’s having an even better time getting people like us to react and especially overreact to what he’s saying. I mean, he knows what’s going on in New York. He knows the tabloids are going crazy with every utterance he makes.” 

He went on to say that he does believe Lawrence will likely be a NY Jet. Finebaum has been known to make comments before that Tiger fans would strongly disagree with but this time his stance makes sense, as no matter what happens this season, Lawrence has nothing left to prove at the collegiate level. Not to mention he is scheduled to graduate in December.

“Trevor Lawrence is not staying at Clemson,” he said. “He didn’t have anything to prove last year after a national championship, and if he wins this year or if he loses or doesn’t make any difference what happens, he has even less to prove. He will be the number one pick in the draft, and he’s leaving whether it’s the Jets or anywhere else so I think my advice to everyone is to calm down, quit taking Trevor Lawrence literally, and just accept the fact that this is his last year at Clemson and he will likely be a New York Jet next year.”

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