Clemson Football: Potential Records That Could Be Broken Against Syracuse

After some of the closer games that Syracuse has given the Tigers over the last few years this will most likely be one of those games for Clemson where it’s more of a challenge to stay focused for than the Orange will be. Don’t think that there won’t be reason to watch though. There are some potential single game records that could be broken against Syracuse in Death Valley.

Most of Tiger Nation realizes that it’s tougher to break records under Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney because he would rather get young guys as much experience as he possibly can over what some call stat padding. However, it does happens as proven by both Trevor Lawrence and Travis Etienne.

Let’s take a look at a few records that could go down before Syracuse leaves Memorial stadium on Saturday afternoon:

  • Most Passing Touchdowns In A Game: Deshaun Watson currently holds this record with six. Watson did this twice while at Clemson. He did it in his first start for the Tigers in 2014 against North Carolina and in his last game against South Carolina in 2016. Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence threw for a career high five touchdowns last weekend and like the rest of the offense, he has seemed to get better as the season continues. Also keep in mind that Georgia Tech’s secondary is much better than what Syracuse has shown this season
  • Most Touchdown Receptions In A Game: Want to talk about impressive company? Keep in mind that for this record to be broken it will be taken from DeAndre HopkinsMike Williams, Tee Higgins, and Diondre Overton who hold the current Clemson record with three touchdown receptions In a game. To this point in the season, it has been crystal clear that wide receiver Amari Rodgers has been Lawrence’s go to receiver and he has come up big already. Rodgers has already set a career high for touchdown receptions in a season with five. As in sync as he and Lawrence have been it’s not out of the realm of possibility that he could catch four touchdown passes on Saturday and set a new Clemson record.
  • Most Rushing Touchdowns In A Game: Many Tiger fans questioned whether they would ever see the records set by Clemson Hall of Fame running back C.J. Spiller broken. Then along came a running back out of Louisiana named Travis Etienne and there aren’t many rushing records in school or ACC history that he doesn’t already own. Many that he doesn’t are also in reach. Spiller currently holds this record with four. So Etienne would need five in the game against the Orange to take the record. While five rushing touchdowns would be a huge day for him it’s not impossible. Especially with the Tigers taking on a team in Syracuse that is coming in with only 60 scholarship players suited up and one that is giving up more than 300 rushing yards per game in its last three games.

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