Records Are Made To Be Broken

As the 2019 season wound down, many questioned whether Travis Etienne would leave for the NFL and the money it offers, or stay for his senior season at Clemson and get his degree. Well, that question was answered when we found out on Friday that it would be the latter and it made the entire Clemson fan base ecstatic.

ETN will leave Clemson with pretty much every school record and it won’t even be close. He already has many of the rushing records and will have a shot at breaking many more  next season. Some of us have been blessed to see many great running backs come through Clemson. Terry Allen, Raymond Priester, James Davis, Kevin Mack, CJ Spiller, Tavien Feaster, Wayne Gallman, and of course, Travis Etienne all come to mind.

My cousin and I were discussing ETN and CJ Spiller just the other day. The conversation turned to once ETN was finished at Clemson the records he sets may never be broken. Well, think about this for just a moment. I can still remember thinking that very thing as we witnessed CJ breaking, and rewriting the record books at Clemson. Thinking to myself, WOW, what an unbelievable career we have just witnessed.

If you would have told me in 2009, that just 10 years later we would be talking about the fact that someone would be breaking records set by CJ, I might have laughed at you. That, and to enjoy what CJ had accomplished since no one expected him to come to Clemson, much less stay for his senior season.

I can still remember witnessing firsthand the running ability that CJ showcased, and now enjoy the enthusiasm that he shows when he discusses ETN. We have been truly blessed over the years to watch many great players at many positions and I for one am thankful for that.

Will we ever see ETN’s records broken? I don’t know. I do know that old saying, records are meant to be broken. It usually turns out to be true, so I have learned to just enjoy the ride we are witnessing. Because it really is hard to get to the top and even harder to stay there. Especially when the bar is being set at such a high level by running backs like CJ and ETN. I do love the fact that Dabo is still claiming that the “Best is yet to come,” and just think…. He was saying this when CJ was there too and so far, he has been dead on the money!!!

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