Clemson Tempts Fate, Releases Hype Video Featuring Music Of Drake

Today Clemson released a hype video of its own and this one is quite impressive. It features the music of Drake from his “Laugh Now Cry Later” single. The video showcased some of the personalities of different Tiger players and ended with a cameo by Head Coach Dabo Swinney, and a Tigers football showing off some bling.

Swinney has never shied away from having some clean fun and is known for dong things that others might stay away from. What makes this video even more interesting is that many Clemson fans were not happy when photos came out of Swinney with Drake last summer.

Yes, the Toronto rapper has earned a reputation for being something of a bad luck charm for a number of top-level sports teams and athletes in recent years. Many have noticed that whenever he associates with sportspeople or endorses certain teams they almost always end up suffering some sort of on-field misfortune soon afterwards. The general consensus has been that you don’t go near Drake, especially before a big game. 

In 2014, Drake released a song called “Draft Day” and dedicated it to his buddy Johnny Manziel. Everyone knows how Manziel’s NFL career went. Meanwhile, Drake has spent the past several years supporting coach John Calipari and the Kentucky basketball team. The Wildcats, despite having the most talented team in America on several occasions, haven’t won a national title since 2012 which was also before Drake pledged his allegiance. Many have asked if this is a coincidence? 

In 2018, Connor McGregor brought out Drake for the weigh-in prior to his fight against Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229. What happened at the fight? McGregor tapped out in the fourth round.

Forget all that stuff though. This team, like their head coach, seems to be having fun. They aren’t worrying about any superstitions. They’re loose heading into a season like no other in their lifetime and that is exactly what you want to see.

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