(WATCH) Father-Son Time At Swinney Home Goes Viral

Once again the Tiger faithful are hearing negative things about their two time national champion head coach after Dabo Swinney made his debut on the social media platform TikTok Thursday night. What was left out of many of the articles is that the video was done while Swinney was spending, what most would call, quality time with his family.

The post came via his son, Will Swinney’s TikTok account. The younger Swinney’s post featuring his dad has been a huge hit and has gone viral. So much so that by Friday it had been viewed more than 90,000 times and received more than 250 comments.

For those that don’t know, TikTok is a video-sharing social networking service typically used to create short dance and other talent videos. It is well known for some cringeworthy content but it is mostly just corny, cheesy videos. Many see this as one that fits right in.

The video starts out with Will stating:

“So I’ve been reading the comments, and many of you are asking for a special appearance from a certain swaggy football coach, if you will, so here’s the man of the hour.”

This was where Dabo took over. And the video as you can see goes like this:

“This ain’t my thing, but hey … Hickory Dickory Dock, the mouse ran up the clock; Coach Swinney’s got that drip, and now he’s on TikTok. Boom!”-Dabo on TikTok

Swinney was wearing a pair of Clemson football gloves in the video and used them in his presentation. This video debut is definitely one that leaves you doing one of two things, either laughing or cringing. 

Of course, many fans of Clemson’s rivals have chosen the latter. One of the biggest things that opposing fans have tried to attack him with, was his use of the term “Coach Swinney’s got the drip,“ like it was a derogatory statement. Yet when googled, the slang definition of “Drip” is defined as having swagger or fashionable style.

It is always fun however, seeing how rivals react to anything that Swinney does. Ohio State and Alabama fans, of course, were two of the first to jump on the video. It’s not hard to see that the saltiness is real. Especially when it comes to those two programs.

Many Tiger fans feel that the funniest thing about this whole thing is that no amount of TikTok videos will stop Swinney and Clemson from competing at a championship level on the field.  Swinney continues to be one of the top coaches in college football and most Tiger fans feel there’s nothing wrong with him having a little bit of fun with his family.

Was it a great video? Probably not, depending on your perspective. The question that most have to ask is this, how many dads out there have done corny things like play dress up with their daughter, sat around in a room drinking imaginary tea from an empty cup with their daughter(s), or sat in the floor yelling “Vroom…Vroom” while pushing a car around like you were racing away from your son who was pushing his toy police car the same way.

At the end of the day the bottom line is this…the famous Clemson coach is under a microscope for nothing more than having a little fun with his sons. 


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