CFP Committee Preparing To Move Forward With Playoff

As the roller-coaster ride that is the 2020 college football preseason rolls on and the battle continues over should they or shouldn’t they play, Tiger fans got more optimistic news today.

The ACC, SEC, and Big-12 are not the only parts of the Power 5 moving forward with their season. The College Football Playoff Selection Committee met virtually this week as they started to prepare for the upcoming football season. Ironically enough, it is an AD from a school that is not playing that is serving as committee chair this year.

“We don’t know right now what the season will bring, but as a committee, we are ready to use the protocol and the expertise of the 13 people who have been charged with selecting the teams,” said Gary Barta, University of Iowa Athletics Director and first year committee chair.

“The committee’s task is to rank the teams based on what happens on the field. This week gave us a great chance to catch up with the familiar faces and welcome our three new members to the process. If the board and management committee say we are having a CFP, we will be ready.”

During this meeting the committee looked over their weekly ranking announcements, went over their protocol, and finalized their list of members who will be recused from voting or discussions when certain teams come up.

“This was the time when we normally review all aspects of the committee’s operation,” Barta said. “We accomplished a great deal even though we met by video conference. We will have another opportunity to review the procedures, particularly with the three new committee members this fall.”

The final selection committee rankings of the 2020 season are scheduled to be released on selection day which is Sunday, December 20. The committee also plans to announce the matchups for the playoff semifinal games, the Rose Bowl and Allstate Sugar Bowl, along with the other New Year’s Six bowl pairings.

No one knows how the season will end, but the same can be said about everything in life at this point. However, players are constantly telling us they are safer inside their programs, and while many may not agree, it’s like Dabo Swinney said after practice earlier this week, “If we cancel college football, the virus isn’t going away.”

So as the rollercoaster ride continues with the ups, downs, and loop-de-loops over the next few months, all fans can do is hold on and hope that the coaster doesn’t get stuck upside done on one of the loop-de-loops as the unusual season inches closer.

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