Swinney Talks 2020 Season

Clemson coach Dabo Swinney has caught a lot of criticism over that last week for his positive comments about the possibility of the upcoming season. His comments came during a conference call with the media last Friday. Swinney was positive and very confident that football would be played this coming fall.

“I don’t have any doubt that we’re going to be playing, that the stands are going to be packed, and the Valley is gonna be rocking and we’re gonna be back at. I don’t have any doubt.”

Many questioned where Swinney was getting this info and how would he know this? Others thought it was irresponsible. So much so, that he explained his views about why he felt this way to Mark Packer on his ESPNU radio show Tuesday. Swinney was on ESPN’s First Take Thursday morning and took the opportunity to address his views for the 2020 college football season through the COVID-19 outbreak again with Stephen A. Smith Max Kellerman.

He said the decision on when, or if they play isn’t up to him, but he is choosing to be hopeful on the best case scenario and that his how he is preparing his team. He also reiterated that the experts dealing with the situation will be the ones making that decision.

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