ESPN FPI: Where ACC Ranks Based On Conference Only Schedule

ESPN has used its Football Power Index (FPI) to determine a matchup quality based on a season of conference only schedules. Unsurprisingly, the ACC came in fifth, putting them last among the Power-5 conferences.

Let’s face it, the ACC hasn’t been great over the last two seasons and isn’t really debatable. Especially in 2019. It leads most to say Clemson has an easy path

However, the Tigers have had little to no margin for error the last two seasons because of how bad the ACC has been. No matter the spin put on how weak the ACC is, Clemson has yet to be left out of the playoff and twice got in as a one loss team. Every season Dabo Swinney and Clemson have proven they belong, and have won two national championships in the process.

Regardless, Clemson has continued to beat the teams that are put in front of them and that is all you can ask for. No matter how the ACC looks as a whole, they have not let it stand in the way of getting to, and competing in the college football playoffs. This program wins at the highest levels, period.

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