Dabo Swinney: Epitome Of Danged If You Do, Danged If You Don’t

Over the last week there have been many people attacking Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney, while current and former players have come out in support of him.

What many fail to realize is that it wasn’t going to matter what he did or said, because the attackers have been making a living off of bashing things that Swinney has said and done for awhile now. Dabo is danged if he does, danged if he doesn’t.

For example, how many people can you name that have not only gotten attacked for not speaking, then gotten attacked for speaking in the same week? It’s nothing new, he has been attacked over the years for many things, from his faith to his optimistic outlook.

Swinney was attacked originally because some didn’t think that he had spoken on the events in the country. Then there were former players that took to Twitter to attack Swinney on incidents that they felt were racially insensitive:

  • An incident at practice when Coach Pearman called down a player for using the “N” word while talking with another player and while correcting him, he repeated the word.
  • Another former player claimed that Coach Swinney came in and didn’t like some music that the players were listening to while working out so he started using the “N” word while talking to them about it:

Both of these incidents were later explained by other former players that were present for the two incidents and by Swinney.

Then there was the photo that appeared showing  Swinney wearing a t-shirt supporting the National Football Foundation‘s “Football Matters” slogan.

“a non-profit educational organization that runs programs designed to use the power of amateur football in developing scholarship, citizenship, and athletic achievement in young people.”

Football Matters website

Many bashed him and claimed this was done insensitively while attacking his character and how genuine he really is. They called him everything from blind to issues, racist, and out of touch. Some claimed he was mocking the movement. Once again, he has become a target for some of the most unbelievable stories ever posted on social media toward any football coach.

*** Football Matters has since decided to drop the campaign

Swinney has had to learn the hard way that no matter what he says, his words are going to be twisted and used out of context to help some make their next biggest hit. As former players continue to come to his defense, now is the best time for Swinney to show them that he believes the advice he has given them about not letting criticism from analyst define who you are.

8 thoughts on “Dabo Swinney: Epitome Of Danged If You Do, Danged If You Don’t

  1. Coach keep up the good work brother You cannot make everybody happy Just do what you feel in your heart I believe you are a good man And a good mentor

  2. Clemson is One of the Best schools in the nation.
    Clemson university
    I have to say my 4 year’s at Clemson was up and down but if I had to do it all over again i would still make the same decision and signed go to there.
    Clemson is a Great University I met a lot of great people on my journey there in the 80’s and 90’s. I still go back today as often as I can to spend time with the new coaches and Student athletes .
    I am proud of what they have accomplished over the years. I have seen our programs grow in a lot of ways. Basketball, Football, Track, Baseball, Girls Basketball and now Women softball. what I see Clemson doing is giving our student athlete’s opportunity to get a good education and to grow to be awesome young men and young women. I like to say thanks to the Great coaching staff in all sports at Clemson . They are doing a fantastic job. Especially Mr. Dabo Sweeney. ( Mr. WAYNE BUCKINGHAM Clemson Tiger for life )

  3. Dabo we know what a good, Godly man you are & want you to know that you and what you stand for are greatly appreciated. All in.

  4. Dabo, those of us in the Clemson family know that you speak the truth on the matters being discussed at this time, You have always been transparent on any matter that was on the table for discussion and this is no different. Please know that I, being a 1963 graduate of Clemson, as I know everyone in the Clemson Family, is 100% “ALL IN” with you during this time! I know that your faith outshines all the “media noise” that is on the plate at this time! — “God bless and keep you strong” — GO TIGERS!

  5. Let’s address the three topics:

    1) The coach who chastised the person using the “n” word said don’t call anyone the “n” word – okay he was trying to stop the use of the word being used in reference to some one and Dabo didn’t say it.

    2) Reportedly Dabo said he didn’t want music with the “n” word in it. His locker room – his rules.

    3) The “Football Matters” shirt owned by Dabo is a 6 year old shirt.

    Done -!now just stop already!

  6. Dabo should just take his money and tell them all to buzz off and go back home to Alabama! Who needs this crap!

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