PFF: Louisville Most Efficient Passing Offense In ACC

Pro Football Focus tweeted the top three passing offenses in the Atlantic Coast Conference, based on EPA per pass, and the #1 spot did not have Clemson in it. The team that took that spot was the Louisville Cardinals .The Tigers come in at #2, followed by the North Carolina Tarheels at #3.

On the surface this one looks strange. It would seem the Cardinals haven’t gotten near the results for this spot as Clemson has. However, they are talking about efficiency here.

However, efficient or not, no one is trading Trevor Lawrence and Clemson’s passing offense for what Louisville has. Efficiency or not.

One thought on “PFF: Louisville Most Efficient Passing Offense In ACC

  1. Wrong again ! NO WAY ! Clemson # 1 until Louisville beats them , then I tell u they have a better passing game !

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