ACC Commissioner Shares Similar Optimism As Swinney

As the country starts to see some states opening up slowly, Clemson fans, along with fans of teams all over the country, watch closely to see how things go in hopes that we all see some form of football season.

John Swofford, commissioner of the ACC, spoke to the media Thursday, a session that took place after he had a virtual spring meeting with other conference representatives. Swofford let the media know that there are four different scenarios that are possibilities when discussing the upcoming season.

  1. A football season as scheduled
  2. A shortened football season
  3. No football season but having basketball
  4. No sports in the 2020-21 academic year.

Swofford does believe that they are currently on track to avoid the final two scenarios.

“We are going into this year with the anticipation of playing at this point. All of our institutions are indicating they intend to open in various fashions as we go into the fall. I don’t think some schools not being able to compete necessarily keeps a majority of the schools that could compete from competing,”

Swofford also stated that they wouldn’t necessarily have to have every school on board to compete this season, and he believes it is a “foreign thought” that they would be playing without students returning to campus.

Many jumped up and down last month when Coach Dabo Swinney made the statement that he believed that we would be playing football this season. He also stated that Tigers had become known as This Is Gonna End Real Soon. Now that other leaders, including John Swofford, are starting to say the same the thing, it will be interesting to see what the reaction is now.

Coach Swinney and the Tigers are looking to compete for another playoff birth, the possibility of winning their third national title under Coach Swinney, and a chance at getting the universities first Heisman winner.

With that said, Clemson University, and the Tigers Athletic Dept, are not the only ones that are going to benefit or suffer from the decisions that will be made about the season. Many believe that no football season would hurt the city of Clemson, just like that scenario would do to many other small college towns spread out across the country.

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