Mike Bobo Takes Jab At Dabo Swinney

Mike Bobo, the new offensive coordinator for rival South Carolina, took to Twitter to launch one of those “soft jabs” at Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney after his teleconference comments concerning his thoughts on the season being played.

It was a shot that kind of came off as a compliment. It sent such a mixed message and upset his own fan base to the point he had to send out another tweet to explain the original tweet. Because the best kind of jokes are the ones that have to be explained, right?

Bottom line, it is easy to fire off these kind of shots when you are of the opinion that the season is likely to be scrapped. Regardless, someone should remind him that it has been 2,318 days since the Gamecocks have beaten Clemson on a football field, and his new boss never has.

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