DW4 In Middle Of Growing Drama That Is Texans

The days of former Clemson star quarterback Deshaun Watson throwing passes to former Clemson receiver DeAndre Hopkins are over in Houston. However, the drama surrounding the sudden and unexpected trade of Hopkins continues to be the talk of the NFL and ESPN analysts.

A week after the surprising Hopkins trade, Watson, the Texans star quarterback, posted the following lyrics to a Drake song “Emotionless” to his Twitter account:

The trade sent arguably the Texans second most valuable player and star wide receiver to the Arizona Cardinals for often injured running back, David Johnson, and a second round pick. Michael Irvin called it getting a ham sandwich for Hopkins.

ESPN’s ‘First Take’ show on Monday talked about the tweet and what it might mean for Watson’s future there. Stephen A. Smith has also spoken out on the tweet and the trade. Their show ‘Get Up’ also discussed it during one of their segments this week.

Many analysts believe that the above tweet was cryptic and was saying that he doesn’t expect his time there to end well. What makes it worse is that Michael Irvin has said he talked to Hopkins over the phone and the former Texans receiver detailed a tumultuous relationship with head coach Bill O’Brien.

This talk, according to Irvin, included a meeting between Hopkins and O’Brien where they discussed O’Brien having issues with him having multiple “baby mommas,” him feeling that Hopkins had too much influence in the locker room, and even compared him to Aaron Hernandez.

Many Tiger fans will be watching this situation closely as it continues to unfold. Most will be curious to see what happens to their favorite son, Watson, who still has two years left on his rookie contract.

Some would think that the Texans will want to lock Watson in for longer than that but those same people probably never expected them to cut ties with their best receiver who was in his prime either.

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