Will Muschamp Takes Jab At Clemson

South Carolina’s football program has had quite an eventful past 24-36 hours. The past two days have been filled with so much drama, it warrants consideration for one of those Daytime Emmy Awards. You know, the kind they give out to soap operas.

All that drama was tied to five star recruit Jordan Burch. He pretended to sign at yesterday’s Signing Day ceremony, but really didn’t. Or if he did, he never gave it to anyone at UofSC.

Well this evening, the drama finally subsided when Burch finally provided the Gamecocks compliance office with a signed LOI. Shortly after, head coach Will Muschamp released a statement, announcing the signing.

Even while he’s announcing the signing of the programs second best recruit of all time, Clemson is on the brain, as you can clearly see by the small jab he took at his in state rival.

3 thoughts on “Will Muschamp Takes Jab At Clemson

  1. It’s really pitiful how only one team can live in someone’s head so much! Stop trying to be like Clemson, which you never will be, and be your team!

  2. I doubt he is second of all time, Lattimore, Clowney, were great, and Heisman winner George Rogers was the first pick in the NFL draft as well as winning the Heisman. It is unproven at this point if he will even be that good while playing for that weak Gamecock program. It is sometimes the case that a kid looks better in high school because he plays on a very talented high school team. He will not be surrounded by great talent in Columbia. It was a huge mistake for him to choose Carolina when he could have chosen Clemson, LSU, or Alabama or many other teams that will not have to fight to become bowl eligible. At this stage, just becoming bowl eligible would be a huge step forward after their 4-8 season. I am a lifelong Clemson fan, but this is not just trash talk like I may have spoken in the past when the Gamecocks were legitimate rivals. It is difficult to even be excited over that game anymore. It is hard to see how 1 highly ranked recruit can turn that program around, even if he is Hershel Walker level of good. It is just a bad program now, and has been for a while. Perhaps it is the start toward become average, but right now a 6 or 7 win season would be huge for them. Admittedly their being in the SEC makes it very hard to just have a winning season. I can hardly believe I am saying this, but I hope they are at least somewhat competitive, because the palmetto bowl used to be exciting to watch.

  3. I’m more interested in what Mark Dantonio had to say?
    After all he’ll be the one coaching Burch after Will gets fired next Fall.

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