#1 LSU vs #3 Clemson: The Numbers

CFP National Championship Game

#1 LSU vs #3 Clemson

Mercedes-Benz Superdome
January 13, 8 PM ESPN
New Orleans, Louisiana

We are now just one week away from the big game, and for most, it probably can’t get here soon enough. It’s hard to believe that there is just one game left. It feels like the game against Georgia Tech that kicked off the season just happened. Unfortunately, as we get older, each season passes by a little faster than the last.

As for this game, as we have done for every game this season, we will give you the statistics for each team, We will give the numbers for each team, as well as some individual players.

  • #1 LSU (Team)

(Courtesy of LSU Athletics)

A few things to take note of are, third down percentage, the number of sacks allowed and how good they are at scoring red zone TD’s. Having allowed 30 sacks on the season, that ranks LSU 70th in the nation, which isn’t all that great. How an offensive line that gives up that many sacks wins an award for best offensive line of the year is beyond me, but I digress.

That is a weakness that can be exposed, but how Brent Venables goes about trying to generate the pressure will be something to watch. The Tigers front four hasn’t been getting it, so they have been even more aggressive with blitzes, and they bring them from everywhere. They will need to be well timed and well disguised though, as Joe Burrow has been good at hitting his hot reads.

Like Ohio State, LSU is very good inside the red zone. And like they did against Ohio State, Clemson will need to clamp down when they are presented with those opportunities. Making LSU settle for FG’s could play an instrumental role in this game.

The fact that they are convering over 50% of their third downs is just insane. That number needs to be much lower Monday night.

  • #1 LSU (Individual)




(Courtesy of LSU Athletics)

Their offense is as good as advertised. There’s a lot of firepower on that side of the ball. It can be slowed down though, Auburn showed us that.

  • #3 Clemson (Team)


(Courtesy of Clemson Athletics)

Seven days…..

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