ESPN’s CFP MegaCast Gives Fans Numerous Viewing Options

ESPN will once again give college football’s playoff matchups the red carpet treatment with its MegaCast production. Most of you are probably already familiar with the way the broadcasts work, but for those that do not, ESPN gives the fan a choice in how they watch from a variety of different telecasts. ESPN will have more than 50 cameras on hand to bring you both semifinal games.

For all of you like myself who enjoy the traditional, run of the mill broadcast, that can be found on ESPN. Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit will be in the booth. For me, nothing beats the original when watching it live.

On ESPN2, you’ll get what’s called the “Command Center.” That is a multi-angle telecast, and gives you up to four different vantage points at any one time. It will also feature up to the minute stats and real time drive charts.

Over on ESPNU, you’ll get the “Film Room.” Tom Luginbill will be breaking down the action. Louis Riddick will be working the telestrator from the Peach Bowl and Bobby Carpenter will handle the same duties from the Fiesta BowlBowl.

ESPNEWS will have the “Skycast.” This is the view from up above and generally gives you a look from behind the offense. This year they’ll have regular instant replays, which is a new feature for this broadcast.

On ESPN Goal Line, it will be the “Data Center.” That will be the main telecast but with stats and analytics, plus social media commentary, whatever that means. 🤷‍♂️

The popular All-22 broadcast can be found on the ESPN App. This one features a vantage point from high above the field of play. It lets you see all 22 players on the field simutaneously, and is great for those who like to go back and study the film.

A fan favorite, the “Hometown Audio Feed,” is back again this year. To see the traditional television broadcast, but with the Clemson radio guys calling the game, tune into the ACC Network. Don Munson, Brad Scott, and Reggie Merriweather will have all the action for you. If you want to hear the Ohio State radio guys, that’s also available on the ESPN App.

Each of the different broadcasts will also be available online via the ESPN App (oh, how we miss you WatchESPN).

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