Tigers Survive UNC: Rapid Reactions

– The Tigers survive a scare in Chapel Hill. UNC brought their A game and Clemson did not. Players nor coaches.

– Clemson is the defending national champion. The number one team in the country. Winners of 19 straight. They’re going to get every teams best shot. Meaning they best bring it each and every week. Not everyone brought it today.

– This OL has to play better. The run blocking has been spotty for three straight games now and today the pass blocking was inconsistent. And the false start penalties have to stop. They were back breaking on 3rd and short multiple times today.

– BT Potter can’t miss that 40 yard kick in the 1st. Yes, kickers are going to miss but that was a spot in which that kick needed to be made for momentum purposes.

– This offense has yet to regularly attack the middle of the field. Why?

– Even the coaches had an off game. The team was outplayed and the coaches were outcoached.

– This defense played their tails off today. Yes, they gave up some yards rushing but this defense is going to give some up. They kept this team in the game and allowed them to win it.

– Trevor Lawrence was brilliant. No he wasn’t perfect but this was by far his best game of the season. The decision making, making plays with his feet, and that arm. He’s fun to watch.

– Tee Higgins might be the best receiver in the nation.

– It takes big cajones to go for the 2 point conversion there, knowing if it fails, game over. Kudos to Mack Brown for making that call.

– Heading into the bye week, this team has a lot of work to do. However, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

– The better team won this game but the team that played best today lost.

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