Clemson at UNC: Live Updates And Reactions From Chapel Hill

Can’t watch today’s game? Can’t listen to the radio broadcast? No problem. We have you covered right here. We will post live updates as they happen. Just keep checking back or keep hitting refresh to stay up to date on all the happenings.

*Updates will start once game kicks off

Kickoff- 330 pm

Television- ABC

Streaming- ESPN App

Radio- 105.5 The Roar WCCP (Clemson Tigers Radio Network)

Online- Tune In Radio App

The Heels will be on offense to start

Touchdown UNC Howell to Brown for 40 yards…. BURNED AJ Terrell

UNC 7 Clemson 0

Tigers on the move… Already inside UNC 30

Tigers can not convert a 3rd and 2 from UNC 21, Potter misses from 40, not even close, Heels take over

Tigers D forces a 3 and out, Heels punt.

Tigers ball at own 33

Tigers turn to go 3 & out

Heels 1st and 10 at UNC 24

Heels have picked up 2 1st downs and are approaching midfield

Heels can not convert a 3rd and long, and will punt

Isaiah Simmons shaken up on the 3rd down play

Simmons seems to be ok

Tigers take over at own 11 1:59 left 1st qtr

End of 1st qtr, Tigers facing 3rd & 4 from own 28

O Line being pushed around some so far

Tigers on the move…. facing 2nd and 1 from UNC 47

Lawrence to Ross for 31, Tigers inside the 10


ETN scores from 13 yards out and caps a 94 yard drive

Clemson 7 UNC 7

Jordan Williams with the sack on 1st down

Heels punt, Tigers take over at own 28

ETN fumbles, Heels recover at Clem 42

Touchdown Heels, Howell escapes pressure finds a receiver in flat for 11 yd TD, looks like Muse lost his man in coverage

UNC 14 Clemson 7

Tigers go 3 and out

Heels ball at own 44

Heels go 3 and out

Tigers ball at own 22 after the punt

Tigers on the move…. at the UNC 29 with under 3 to play in 1st half


Lawrence with the 2 yd run on a QB Keeper

Clemson 14 UNC 14

That is how the half ends…. Tigers with 221 yards of offense. The ETN fumble was costly but the offense has not run the ball as effectively as many were thinking they would.

2nd half underway

Joseph Ngata returns kickoff to the Clemson 36

Tigers go for it on 4th and 6 from UNC 35, can not convert, Heels ball

Heels go 3 and out and will punt, touch back

Tigers punt, Heels ball at own 26

Tigers with 3 costly false starts so far in 3rd qtr

Heels get 2 first downs and punt, Tigers ball at own 11

Clemson goes 3 and out, punts. Terrible punt but rolls to UNC 31

Heels pick up one 1st down, then end up punting. Back to back sacks by Simmons and Tyler Davis, Tigers ball

Tigers go 3 and out

End of 3rd….Tied at 14

Heels go for it on 4th and 1 and Tigers stuff it. Clemson takes over on their own own 45

Tigers driving, have it at Heels 35


Lawrence to Higgins for 38 yards!

Clemson 21 UNC 14

Heels have driven inside the 5

Touchdown Heels

And they are going for 2


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