From The Pulpit- College Football Is Back! Week Zero Reactions and CFP Predictions

College Football is back! There might have just been one P5 game on the slate but anytime Lee Corso is on the stage there’s bound to be no shortage of comedic relief.

Utah is one of the sexy picks to make the 4 team CFP in 2019 but Corso took it a step further. He not only had them making the field, but beating the defending champion Clemson Tigers in the semifinal round and facing off with Alabama for the national title.

Corso wasn’t done there however. In what has now become an iconic part of the weekly GameDay show, Corso muffed his headgear pick. After picking the Canes with guest Michael Irvin looking on, he would then put on a Florida Gators beanie. Give him credit for the quick recovery however, as he told his fellow crew members he was just making sure they were paying attention and he was going with the Gators after he was told what he’d done.

It’s probably past time for Corso to hang it up. He’s been one of the most entertaining figures in the sports history, but the effects of his past health issues are really starting to show. He still gets the people talking however, and Saturday was no exception.

Florida Gets By Miami

10 sacks allowed, 14 penalties…… Not a great showing by the Canes in the opener. Redshirt freshman QB Jarren Williams looked like a guy making his first career start. Far too often he held the ball to long and with an inexperienced OL that’s not quite the recipe for success.

Felipe Franks still looks like the same Felipe Franks. Through one game anyways. Many have expected Franks to take a big step forward after another offseason under the tutelage of Dan Mullen, but if tonight was any indication, that’s not the case. The late fourth quarter pick he threw on first down was one of the worst decisions you’ll see a QB make. This look on Steve Spurrier’s face says it all.

Overall, just a sloppy football game. The Gator defense was just to much for the overmatched Canes OL. The most glaring takeaway from this one, no way Florida is the 8th best team in the nation. The Gators tried their best to give it away but Miami couldn’t take advantage. We did get a Tate Martell sighting, so all in all, it wasn’t a complete waste of time.

CFP Predictions

We asked for some CFP predictions recently in the Junkies community. Clemson, Georgia, and Alabama were the team’s most mentioned. We thought we’d pick a few of the ones that went a different direction and list a few here.

Hunter M- Clemson, Florida, Nebraska, UCF

Adam W- Clemson, Utah, Georgia, Texas

Mark M- Clemson, Florida, Oregon, ND

Elad E- Clemson, Florida, Washington, Texas

Bo C- Clemson, Bama, Oklahoma, Penn St

James M- Clemson, Bama, Oregon Texas

Scott K- Clemson, Oklahoma, LSU, Michigan

Lorraine D- Clemson, Georgia, Oklahoma, Michigan

We also got Morgan Thomas and Big Al from The Morgan Thomas Show to chime in and give their predictions.

Big Al

1.) Clemson – The reigning champs look to tear through a weak conference and take the most potent offense in the country back to the playoffs to defend their crown.

2.) Georgia – After coming dangerously close to beating Alabama the past two years and finding a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, the Dawgs finally break their curse against the Tide in the SEC Championship Game and march into the playoffs.

3.) Oregon – Bolstered by an NFL caliber quarterback, the Ducks offense blasts through a weaker schedule to make it to their first playoff berth since 2014.

4.) Alabama – Losing a close game to UGA in the SEC Championship isn’t enough to keep the Tide out of the playoffs, because as we’ve told repeatedly…in the SEC, it just means more 🙂

Morgan Thomas

Clemson- Good October and November schedule.

Georgia – Will win SEC championship game.

Oklahoma – Will win Big 12.

Alabama – Will get in as a 1 loss team, with that loss coming in the SEC championship game.

We also got some predictions from the Junkies that help monitor things over on the Facebook page.

Paul- Clemson, Ohio St, Oregon, Bama

Dale- UNC, Cal, Baylor, UConn

Ooops…. he thought it was basketball season. Put Dale down for Clemson, Georgia, Oklahoma, Ohio St

JP- Clemson, Bama, Georgia and I’m taking Texas to make their first playoff appearance.

Finally…. it’s back!

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