CBS Sports Experts Make CFP Predictions

Earlier in the week we got CBS Sports Preseason Top 10. Yesterday, four of their top college football analysts made their CFP predictions.

All four have Clemson making the playoff, but just one thinks they will repeat. In fact, all four have the Tigers making the playoff as the number one seed.

It’s Tom Fornelli who calls for Clemson to raise the trophy again. He has Oklahoma beating Alabama in one semifinal and Clemson beating Michigan in the other, with Clemson downing the Sooners in the final.

Barrett Sallee has Clemson, Alabama, Ohio State, and Georgia making the playoff, with Georgia beating Bama in an all SEC final.

Chip Patterson has Clemson, Oklahoma, USC, and Alabama making it, with Oklahoma defeating Alabama for the title.

Barton Simmons, who is also 247’s Sports Director, has Clemson and Bama V happening in the final, with the Tide getting their revenge. He has Notre Dame and Ohio State making the playoff, with each losing in the semifinal.

You can see the clip here.

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