Former SEC Network Analyst- “It Wasn’t A Fluke”


A member of the national media dropped some truth bombs on Paul Finebaum’s show Thursday

We have all heard the excuses. They started immediately following the conclusion of Clemson’s dominating 44-16 win over Alabama in the CFP National Championship Game. Crimson Tide Head Coach Nick Saban was actually already offering up some during his halftime interview.

The media has made a valiant effort to push the narrative that the end result was some kind of fluke, using one tired excuse after another. Some being so far fetched that all you can do is sit back and chuckle at how unintelligent the national media obviously assumes most Tiger fans to be.

Seven months removed from the game, and it’s still the hot topic most days on Paul Finebaum’s show. It seems each week he has another member of the national media on as a guest who’s pushing that same narrative, if not their own agenda.

On Thursday, former SEC Network Analyst and current member of the ESPN Monday Night Football crew, Booger McFarland was a guest. However, instead of that same old, tired story, McFarland had quite a different take.

“I’ve been listening to your show and I’ve kinda been a little disappointed, and here’s why. Everyone seems to say when Alabama loses, the kids aren’t focused. Mack Wilson is worried about winning the Butkus. These players are concerned with their individual accolades. How about saying that Clemson was the better team and Alabama got beat. That’s the one thing that people who call into Finebaum’s show don’t say.”

How refreshing it was to finally hear someone from the four letter network have the guts to step up and break it down this way. No agendas being pushed, just cold hard facts, and he wasn’t quite done.

“Sometimes there isn’t a reason or excuse and the other team is better…What about that the other team is just better? Dabo has done one hell of a job. And I was at the game, Paul, Clemson lined up and beat Alabama. It wasn’t a fluke. Tua wasn’t sick and didn’t have the flu. They just lined up and beat Alabama and hit them square in the mouth and beat them. And I think that’s the thing that if you ask him, Nick Saban, he’ll tell you (that)…Let’s stop with the excuses. Alabama got beat by a better team that’s called the Clemson Tigers.”


Kudos Booger!

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