Enjoy The Ride….


This is the greatest run in Tiger football. 

Clemson has now won two of the last three national titles. The program is experiencing a run of success unlike anything seen before in its history. It’s a run the fan base hasn’t been accustomed too. It’s a run some older fans might have resigned themselves to knowing they’d never see. It’s also a run that will one day eventually come to an end.

Go back and look at every great run in history and there’s one thing they all have in common. They ended. The Steelers of the 70’s. The 49ers of the 80’s. The Cowboys of the 90’s. Tom Osborne’s Nebraska Cornhusker teams. Jimmy Johnson’s Miami Hurricanes. The list goes on and on. As great as those teams were, those great runs all still ended, as will this Tiger run.

No one knows when that day will come, or how far down the line it will be. Make sure you soak it up each and every day. Never take it for granted. How each fan does that is up to them. There’s no right way. There’s no wrong way.

Nothing lasts forever, and as fans it’s important to make sure you enjoy every last second of it. Boast about it. Rub your rivals nose in it. Sit back and just reflect. However you choose to enjoy it, just make sure you’re enjoying it, before it’s to late.


7 thoughts on “Enjoy The Ride….

  1. I had a discussion with my son a couple years ago, “I made sure He understood, These are the times in Clemson History We will look back upon an call the good ole days” #allin

  2. I told a coot buddy of mine way back in 2012 that it was come’n…I could see the writing on the wall…he told me i was crazy as hell…today he hardly speaks to me! go TIGERS! #enjoytheride

    1. I will always be a Clemson, Raider, Celtic, Braves fan. Been through some highs and lows. Never leave those 4 for any reason.

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