Lucky Luke’s Week 12 List of Losers: The What If, Maybe Edition

Author’s Note: It’s unthinkable what happened this past week on the UVA campus, regarding the deaths of three team members and the injury of two more. It’s devastating for Virginia and all of college football. Like all of the Clemson Family, my thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims and the entire UVA community. May God Bless them all.

After my Orange Warriors righted the ship this past week, honestly, I’m in a better frame of mind, clearer of mind to rip out my list of Losers. So, without further delay, let’s go!

No.1 Georgia at Kentucky

There was a time earlier in the season, I thought Kentucky might be just the team to challenge Georgia but unfortunately, no more. It’s not that Kentucky didn’t try, it’s that they were upended by a few “lesser” foes. South Carolina to name one.

Georgia is still undefeated and the opportunities to defeat Kirby’s Dawgs are evaporating quickly. So, just the fact that Georgia is Georgia and Kentucky is, well not Georgia, the loser is this one in a runaway, Kentucky.

Illinois at No. 3 Michigan

Illinois is 7-3 and although they’ve had a few mishaps, I believe they might prove a formidable foe for Michigan. While the Wolverines are undefeated, they have several real vulnerabilities.

The question is can the Illini take on Jim Harbaugh’s team, in Ann Arbor even with their obvious flaws? For the sake of my reputation as a world class predictor, I’m going to go safe and say the loser in this one will likely be, Illinois.

No.4 TCU at Baylor

Once upon a time, Baylor was thought to be at the top of their game and chances were great for a conference championship but Oklahoma State happened and sent their hopes and their season in a spiral. It’s sad.

TCU is definitely the presumptive champion of the Big 12 and I agree that’s the most likely outcome but I’m still remembering the Baylor of the early season and I’m hopeful (for my team’s benefit) Baylor remembers the Baylor of early season and makes a game out of it. However, that’s not likely, the loser in this one, Baylor.

No. 5 Tennessee at South Carolina

Seriously friends, I’m not investing much in this prediction because the outcome, for the chickens, is painfully clear. Sure, it’s being played at the Williams-Brice Barnyards but that’s no impediment to what’s going to happen.

Tennessee knows this fact and will pound the reality unmercifully to the loser, South Carolina.

No. 7 The Real USC at UCLA

Hollywood’s Hot Rod Lincoln takes his team to it’s cross-city rival, UCLA. Sure, Lincoln Riley is already Hollywood royalty but in a town already filled with Kings and Queens, the Bruins aren’t that easily impressed, they know this bunch, well.

I believe, in my gut, this is a toss-up and I always rely on geography when things are close so, the upset loser in this one, USC.

No. 10 Utah at No. 12 Oregon

I have but a passing interest in this one, why you ask? The outcome of this game has zero bearing in the ultimate destiny of my favorite team. Sure, it’s a Top 15 matchup but it’s the Pac 12, nobody east of the former boundaries of the Louisiana Purchase even cares.

With that as my inspiration, I’m going to go with what seems easiest. The uninspiring loser in this folly, Oregon.

Georgia Tech at No. 13 UNC

Poor Georgia Tech, they are just waiting for the misery of this season to end and their prospects for their next two games look painful. They will eventually find the peace the off-season brings.

Mack Brown’s Tarheels are the division champs and I can’t, even in my wildest hallucinations see a scenario that the loser in this one could be anyone other than, Georgia Tech.

Miami at No. 9 Clemson

Now, let’s not mince words here. Dabo Swinney’s Tigers have to show up to play a complete, efficient game against Mario Cristobal’s Hurricanes. It must be a convincing effort by Clemson this week and next week to end the season in the best possible position for postseason opportunities.

I believe the game will be just as I hope, both complete and efficient therefore the loser in this one will be, Miami.

Like you’ve read, there aren’t many surprises contained in my list of losers. I’m watching TCU and Baylor, closely. I’m excited to see the results of my predictions. Then, we’ll wait on next week as the Palmetto Bowl will be upon us.

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