Lucky Luke’s Week 11 List of Losers: The Painful Edition

There’s little that can be said for the Tigers, they lost in humiliating style. It couldn’t be helped since recent play, it was almost an inevitable outcome but painful. The College Football Playoff rankings are out and it looks extremely different than past years. Clemson and Alabama are nowhere in sight and TCU sits in their place.

Well, like all weeks, interesting things can happen on any given Saturday. So, go grab your pom-poms and let’s go.

No. 1 Georgia at Mississippi State

I believe that Georgia, painfully is the best team in all of college football. Despite that they must go to Starkville to play the Pirate Coach, Mike Leach, and they’ll move on without so much as a hiccup.

This is a short but sweet prediction because again, it’s painful. The Loser in this one, Mississippi State.

Indiana at No. 2 Ohio State

This match-up, like most that have involved Ohio State this season is against a cupcake team but who cares, they’re already in the playoff from most indicators. Poor ole Indiana is going to be little more than a whipping boy for the Buckeyes and honestly Hoosiers, I feel your pain.

As the regular season dwindles down, only the King of the Cupcakes can rest assured of their CFP Golden Ticket. This loser is easy to choose, Indiana.

Nebraska at No. 3 Michigan

The “Scott Frostless” Cornhuskers have had a tough year but the end, at least for them is in site. They plow their way to Ann Arbor this weekend and there will be a Fall Harvest Festival Parade but it won’t be for them. Losers don’t get Parades, only painful drubbings.

So, in a warm-up match, as Michigan looks ahead to Ohio State, the poor loser in this scorching, Nebraska.

No. 4 TCU at No.18 Texas

With each passing week, I’m more and more impressed with the TCU Horned Frogs. They just line up and play whomever, wherever and have smacked them all! They’re just the best of the Big 12. However there’s a blue-blood that comes this weekend in No. 18 Texas.

The Frogs travel to the the Longhorn Ranch and like most weeks, anything can happen. Coach Sarkisian’s boys will try to contain TCU but I’m thinking not so much in this one. The Bigger Than Texas loser, Texas.

No.10 Alabama at Ole Miss

Nick Saban and Dabo Swinney are walking in lock step lately. Unfortunately, neither are headed in the right direction, painful to admit. The Tide limps into Mississippi on Saturday and really, what’s going to happen is anybody’s guess but for me, the loser in this one is, Alabama.

Boston College at No. 17 NC State

It’s been a tumultuous season for both these two Atlantic Division foes and the season is not over, quite yet. This game is among the least important games in the scheme of things but they do matter. They matter because each team plays knowing their only reward is pride and as much as I dislike Dave Doeren, I feel each team’s struggle.

Jeff Hafley’s BC Eagles travel to Raleigh this weekend and it’s sort of sad, they are walking into an ambush. The Wolfpack are angry, they’re season upended by the loss of their QB Devin Leary. I don’t suspect there won’t be much that the Eagles can do. Lucky Luke’s Loser in this one, Boston College.

No. 25 Florida State at Syracuse

I’ve got to say that both these teams aren’t quitters. Each time either has gained some momentum, Clemson stopped them, that’s why Clemson has secured the Atlantic Division Championship. It seems both are just posers, not ready for prime time.

Dino Baber’s Orange are a bunch of undisciplined thugs pretending to be saints and Mike Norvell is just trying the get the FSU train going again. It’s my opinion that a rolling locomotive can run over a bunch of thugs anytime they want. Lucky Luke’s Loser, Syracuse.

Louisville at No. 10 Clemson

Who knows about this one. Dabo Swinney’s Tigers are a powerful beast, on paper. I guess the skeptical amongst the fanbase might say but really is Louisville that good? Is Clemson that bad? I guess it depends on the week.

There is no doubt Louisville is the lesser team but the deciding factor will be which Tiger team actually shows up. My confidence in Dabo Swinney’s Tigers has somewhat wilted but I can still believe they will overpower the Louisville Cardinals. Lucky Luke’s Loser in this one, Louisville. (I hope.)

I’ll admit, I hate it when my team loses. I get sick but regardless the outcome of any game, I still proudly wear my Orange. I believe this weekend’s slate will further solidify the Top 4 but chaos is only an upset away. Enjoy your weekend and even though your team might lose, still love them. I hope to see y’all next weekend.

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