Sunday Armchair Perspective: Hallelujah

Yesterday was a beautiful day. The sky was bright blue, the warm sún was spectacular and peaceful clouds slowly drifting by signaling the storm had passed. It seems last night’s game was more proof that the stormy 2021 season has passed for the Tigers as well.

Close games were everywhere, excitement abound, unexpected losses, indeed, it was a very entertaining Saturday. The biggest win, other than Clemson’s spanking of Dave Doeren’s outmatched Pack was the changing of the narrative surrounding the Tigers.

It started earlier in the broadcast booth as a humbled whisper, but by the postgame interview as Dabo Swinney was being Dabo, words began to emerge that Tiger Nation has not heard since the 2020 season, “These Tigers are for real!” Yessir, they truly are.

All preseason the entire team, coaches and players were doubted. DJ Uiagalelei was the most doubted, but it now seems he’s moving further away from that doubt. Then, the defense was doubted after allowing Wake Forest to march down the field with ease. After last night, the doubters will be muted, if only for a while. Yes, for The Tigers, that media awakening was another great victory.

I don’t need to rehash every glorious play from last night, that’ll be posted everywhere by noon. No, just sitting here in my favorite armchair, drinking my coffee, I am content. Clemson is back and I’m having to restrain myself from yelling “Hallelujah” and waking a sleeping house but for self preservation. I’ll just save that for later.

Enjoy your Sunday and please remember those devastated by Hurricane Ian, they need it. Unfortunately, we were yet again forced to realize, there are things much bigger than football. Until next Sunday morning, stay safe and always stay orange.

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