Clemson Football: Welcome to the Wacky, Unreliable World of College Football Realignment

Suddenly, everyone has a source. Suddenly, everyone knows what’s coming next.

Since the announcement that UCLA and USC would be leaving the Pac-12 for the B1G in 2024, the rumor mill has been working non-stop. Especially when it comes to Clemson and a handful of other ACC schools regarding what their futures hold.

Oddly enough, all these folks out there with all these sources, not a one of them knew the first thing about the USC, UCLA move until the schools were ready to announce. Something that had been in the works for quite possibly as long as a year, and not one peep. Makes one wonder how credible most, if not all, of these reports coming out are.

One day CBS Sports has the Big 12 in discussions with up to as many six of the remaining Pac-12 teams. The next day, that same outlet, is reporting that the ACC and Pac-12 are in discussions regarding some kind of merger, termed as a “loose partnership,” that entailed a possible conference championship out west in Las Vegas. Maybe it’s just me, but that seems a little contradictory.

One scroll on Twitter, and you will see exactly what I’m talking about.

Full disclosure, I am not at all familiar with the guy who published the above tweet, but it does appear that he covers swimming, not college football. Credible?

On the other hand, Barrett Sallee is a name I am quite familiar with.

I could go on and on listing tweets regarding who is going where, and with the landscape seemingly changing so rapidly, it’s understandable why Clemson fans are anxious to learn of where the Tigers might stand in all of this.

This one might take some patience, though. A year passed between the first domino of Texas and Oklahoma jumping to the SEC and the second domino of USC and UCLA bolting for the B1G.

With the ACC’s Grant of Rights in place through the year 2036, it makes any move out of the league far more complex. Texas, Oklahoma, USC and UCLA were all on the verge of their Grant of Rights deals expiring.

The passage of time might just make any exit negotiation a little easier for ACC teams. It likely just needs to be done by the time the expanded playoff starts.

Despite all the nonstop reports and the not knowing of what is coming next there is one thing you can be fairly confident in. It would be a little naive to think the administration at Clemson is just sitting idly by and waiting for the next shoe to drop. I would bet almost anything that options started getting explored long before this latest news of USC and UCLA broke. This isn’t an administration known for being reactive. It’s known more for being proactive and at the forefront of things.

One more thing to keep in mind. Just because you aren’t hearing about it doesn’t mean something isn’t being discussed or something isn’t in the works. Remember, no one knew a thing about the USC and UCLA move until it was done and they were ready to announce. I think Eric Mac Lain, also known as Mr. Clemson sums it up quite perfectly in the tweet below.

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