ESPN Analyst Taking Clemson Defense In ACC But Only by ‘Hair’

For the first time since 2016 Clemson will not go into a season as the defending ACC Champions.

Injuries and inconsistency on offense led to the Tigers getting out to a 2-2 start before the team rebounded to finish 10-3.

On a recent episode of The Gramlich and Mac Lain Podcast, ESPN’s Rece Davis was asked who he thought would field the best defense in the ACC and his response might surprise some.

“I would go Clemson by a hair over Pittsburgh,” Davis said. “I think the front seven is really strong. I know it’ll be a little bit different, but I remember seeing Dabo at the National Football Foundation and asking him what he was going to do at DC, and he goes, ‘Everybody’s going to think Swinney’s crazy again, but I got this guy,’ and he was telling me about Wes Goodwin. So, I have a lot of confidence that they’ll be an excellent defense. So, I’ll go with Clemson just by a hair over Pitt.”

As for who he thinks will win the Atlantic, Davis went with the Tigers.

“I think Clemson will win the ACC,” Davis said. “The one team I haven’t mentioned and quarterback that I didn’t mention, that I like both of them, is North Carolina State. I really like Devin Leary, I think NC State has a chance, but I will go with the overall talent base at Clemson. I think Clemson will win the ACC and will probably make the playoff.”

As for the Coastal, Davis thinks Pitt will repeat and if it were to play out as he predicts, that would pit what he believes are the league’s two best defenses against one another in Charlotte.

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