Everybody Talks the Talk But Time for Tigers to Walk the Walk

It’s that time of the year, where, unfortunately, the athletic venues of Clemson Athletics go silent, if only for a few weeks. Don’t worry, it’s just the talking season.

I think most would agree this is always a much anticipated several months but we have to acknowledge that this year, that there are legitimate questions in specific areas of the Clemson offense. Talkers will talk and they should, it’s what they do. Heck, it’s what we all do.

ESPN analyst Jordan Cornette recently voiced concerns and any other analyst out there that has any, well it’s hard to say they’re not legitimate.

It would be foolish to believe that last season’s offense production isn’t above questioning. It wasn’t then, and it still isn’t. It’s fair to wonder if DJ Uiagalelei will respond, rebound, and regroup as everyone inside the fan base hopes. If not, will Cade Klubnik be ready? In the event of injury, who then? Hunter Johnson, Hunter Helms or Billy Wiles?

No, Clemson fans shouldn’t immediately go to gloom and doom scenarios but those that aren’t emotionally involved can and they do, it’s their job. Now, when Clemson is the topic, some of us listen real closely while they’re delivering such scrutiny. However, deep down everyone will question everything until the proof is witnessed, seen.

Coaches’ assessments, fall camp reports, and post-practice interviews offer hope but few, all in or not, won’t dare breathe too deeply until they see for themselves that their Clemson Tigers are indeed back. All it takes is patience and understanding that this is the talking season and like the song says, Everbody Talks. Now, let’s see if Dabo Swinney’s Tigers can walk the walk.

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