At Texas A&M, ‘A’ is for Arrogance, ‘M’ is for Money and Integrity is Silent

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Don’t you love it when millionaires fight? I know I do. If I ran in their same financial circles, I might fight more often but unfortunately, I’m a cash-strapped peacemaker. Based on the war brewing between two powerful adversaries, my services might be needed but the situation has clearly gone too far.

Admit it, you most likely know what’s supposedly going on in College Station, Texas. While the absolute facts are hidden in the dark, there is enough that’s known to put forth a great circumstantial evidentiary case against Jimbo Fisher and his Aggies.

If only half of what is claimed to have happened is true, something smells in Texas and it’s way more pungent than cow manure and/or the sweet smell of success.

There’s nothing more disgusting and pathetic than a cheater, but ironically there is nothing that rings of more poetic justice than when such cheating doesn’t yield championships. Such is the case with Fisher’s slight-of-hand card trick act. His, Lincoln Riley’s and Josh Huepel’s programs among several others, are collectively the poster children for strong, swift and severe enforced punishment.

I understand most fans, that aren’t Alabama fans, vehemently dislike Nick Saban but honestly, not me. I’ve grown to respect him for his obvious coaching success and accomplishments but not his personality.

He is one of the few that has the national media’s constant attention. Dabo Swinney (undeservingly) has been made to look like a greedy buffoon on this issue. Kirby Smart has so many hidden skeletons in his closets he has to invoke the fifth amendment just to order chicken tenders at Zaxby’s. Oh yeah, forget about Ryan Day’s assistance, he isn’t much good either. He is still whining about the loss to Clemson in the 2019 semifinals of the College Football Playoff and him not being included in the Top-5 college coaches rankings from 2 years ago. Needless to say, he’s slightly distracted.

So, the only voice powerful enough to call for change is Saban. In the competitiveness of sport there is an old adage, “my enemy’s enemy is my friend.” Clemson and college football fans have no greater enemy turned friend than Saban. He has my full support and undying gratitude if his notoriety can help to fix the wrongs brought on by the NIL excesses of others, even if some believe Saban is doing such for somewhat selfish motives.

He knows people, he has x-ray vision that enables him to see what’s stuffed in other people’s closets. He is in a small fraternity of coaches that don’t have to cheat to win. That doesn’t mean he hasn’t done it, but he doesn’t need to do it. While I admit bias, I include Swinney in this fraternity.

So, as this battle royale of words unfolds, I’m grabbing some popcorn, and a chair because this is going to be interesting to watch. However, don’t be misled by those ‘dollar sign cowboys’ from Texas, I believe, Saban will win this fight and all of college football will share in the spoils of his victory. In his long, stellar career filled with many victories, this battle, would likely be his greatest victory of all.

I’ve purposely not cited much of the specifics because they constantly change in the fog of war. My motto is simple, when two big dogs fight, it’s best to sit on the porch and watch. For what it’s worth, my money is on the Pitbull from Tuscaloosa, not the Collie from College Station.

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  1. Same old Taters! Blasphemous, arrogant, racist use by players encouraged for penalties, and now the players get paid. He doesn’t have a problem with his salary. Now he has vowed to help his players with their NIL.

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