My Personal Clemson 2022 Battle Cry

Many in the Clemson Family wince when they think about that 2021 season. We’re all anxiously waiting on the coming season so we can finally put last year to bed. And that has become my personal battle cry for 2022, ‘wait until we forget about last year.’

It’s a fine line to walk between learning from the past and forgetting the past. Both are key components in healing but in this particular case, the greatest of these is learning. Why? Without lessons learned, the pain can never be forgotten. Setting in motion a vicious cycle of failure.

The much-chronicled difficulties of last year, if one can be honest with themselves, looms large in some folks’ minds. It has absolutely nothing to do with a lack of loyalty nor a lack of passion from fans. Simply put, while some are called ignorant, spoiled and ungrateful, I believe even great, perfect fans are scared. They’re haunted by the what if’s.

Yes, in life there are many things more important than the playing of a football game. However, the current state of our world is so completely overwhelming, everyone needs something they can count on, something they can believe in, and something they find joy in. For many, that thing is Clemson football.

Fans are afraid, even scared that this magic carpet ride might be over and the joy derived from that exhilarating ride will fade into memory. It’s a strange psychological phenomenon where one’s self-worth is tied directly to the success of others. It’s called living vicariously. There are only about 160 team members and staff that makeup the actual team but there are tens of thousands that believe they are worthy of claiming the same ownership.

The toughest, most thankless job on any team is that of being a fan. On a good day, fans are seen as more of a loud distraction, and on a bad day a pariah. It’s like fans should be seen and not heard but past the cheering, they should remain silent.

Fans support Clemson, some more than others, with their time, energy, and huge amounts of money only to be told how unreasonable they are when we dare question anything regarding Dabo Swinney’s football program. It’s both a blessing and even a curse, at times. However, there’s little way to deter fans. They aren’t going anywhere regardless of the insinuations to go be a ‘coot.’

So, over the next three and a half months, go easy on the scared, doubting masses as fans wait for a reason to forget and move past the fears from last year. I have to believe two things. One, things rarely turn out as bad as we fear. Two, this team is battle-tested, experienced, and talented and they can do anything they will themselves to accomplish.

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