Clemson Favored to Win ACC Championship In Updated Odds

I’m not a betting man but even I know, Vegas backs winners.

They aren’t afraid to put their money where their mouth is and their mouths are saying, Clemson will, yet again win the ACC Championship.

2022 ACC Odds

  • Clemson 2/3
  • Miami 5/1
  • Pittsburgh 9/1
  • North Carolina State 10/1
  • North Carolina 11/1
  • Wake Forest 20/1,
  • Florida State 33/1
  • Virginia 33/1
  • Boston College 40/1
  • Louisville 66/1
  • Virginia Tech 80/1
  • Georgia Tech 125/1
  • Syracuse 150/1
  • Duke 500/1

After the much maligned 2021 greatness interrupted season, it’s time to win back what belongs to the Tigers, another Championship trophy. Sure it might be a little crowded in the Tigers trophy case but don’t worry, Dabo Swinney will build more room. He’s a master craftsman in many areas.

The basic cliff notes version of these odds, watch out for the Hurricanes and the Wolfpack. The Tigers play them both at home and they could both be dangerous. The rest is just inconsequential fluff. I don’t see many surprises and obviously, neither do the Vegas wizards.

Seriously, you can’t always bank on a betting line or can you? Sadly and interestingly, 87% of those that bet, ultimately lose. So, it doesn’t take an arithmetic genius to see the oddsmakers know a winner and in 2022, it just happens to be Clemson.

Here are a few more interesting observations of these numbers

Duke 500/1. If there was ever a program that needs to consider reclassification, it’s the Blue Devils. No wonder they are blue, they can’t catch their breath after constantly running away or towards defeat. Again, poor Duke, wait until next decade.

There is a set of twins within the list. Both Florida State and Virginia are given 33/1. I think those odds mean more in the long run than it does for the present. Both programs should eventually become successful.

Miami’s odds are just that, odd. I believe that the college football world desperately wants the Hurricanes to reign supreme. This year, that’s not going to be the case and no amount of wishing is going to change that fact. My Dad had some thoughts on wishing, ‘Spit in one hand and wish in the other and see which fills faster.’ He was a folksy philosopher.

North Carolina State’s odds stand at 10/1. The number 10 is important where the Wolfpack is concerned. They should be a 10-win team and of more importance, it will take 10 minutes (or less) for Dave Doeren to devolve into an insult hurling, maniac patrolling the sidelines. Ahh, it’s good to know some things will never change.

Betting is a complicated, intricate business and it’s very slanted towards the house. However, if I were a gambler, my heart and my money would be on the Tigers, no doubt. Somewhere, buried in that place, in our soul, where our wildest dreams are born, I’d go for broke and put down five crisp, new Benjamans on Duke. With 500/1 odds that’s a whopping $249,500 dollar windfall. Where’s a bookie when you need one?

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